Fibre Tech Inc- Social Media Response

March 16, 2020

Chief Operations OfficerRichard Zimmerman

Hello. My Name is Richard Zimmerman, and I am currently the COO of Fibre Tech International Inc., based out of Largo, FL.

Our company has been in business for 35+ years and is a “family business” in every sense of the word, yet maintains an impressive domestic and International client list.

We’ve consistently maintained an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and have provided professional quality services to over 18,000 satisfied customers, and counting

We have done this by continually going the extra mile for each and every customer regardless of the size and scope of the project, and I whole heartedly encourage ANY and ALL prospective customers who are considering us as a service provider to reach out to any one of them at your leisure.

We take great PRIDE in our “satisfied customer list” which includes commercial organizations such as The US Air Force, Department of Defense, the New York Yankees, as well as thousands upon thousands of commercial projects, private homeowners, Real Estate Investors, and HOAs.

Unfortunately, all of us currently do business in the age of social media, where (seemingly) anyone and everyone can write any type of negative remark or make any kind of statement (regardless of the validity or actual truth of such statements) on those types of platforms, with little to no recourse on the part of the affronted party.

Because of this and other reasons, I felt it might be beneficial to take a moment to provide an official stance with regard to some of the vitriol that we as consumers and service providers see purported as legitimate and/or informed statements in terms of their respective “opinions” of my company and others.

It’s obviously NOT feasible or even prudent to try and respond to every one of these types of statements, though as a business owner, and someone who has always put my reputation and “doing what we say we will do…”  at the forefront of how we conduct our daily business, I take a great deal of personal offense to these types of false and/or misleading statements.

Over the years, I have often said that it’s more critical how you (as a person or company) deal with problems or challenges that can arise on a project, and NOT the jobs that go off without a hitch that are the best indicator of the character of said contractor.

Anyone can do a job that has “no issues or surprises”. How do you respond when you’re presented with nothing but issues and surprises?

What is the culture you wish to foster as an organization regarding your customers?

The answer is simple for us.

We have one of the most comprehensive warranties in our industry with a proprietary product and process that has certainly stood the test of time. In addition, we do what we say we will do every time, for every customer, and we stand behind that, as well as the reputation we have earned in this industry over the last 36+ years spent serving our customers both here in our home state and abroad.

To that end, we have implemented a VERY transparent line item pricing method so there are NO surprises in terms of what is or isn’t INCLUDED in their proposed scope of work, so that a customer can be confident as to exactly what they are getting and how much it’s going to cost, even when/if something unforeseen comes up…

Either our President (Scott Morris) or I visit many of our customers at some point after the completion of their projects. They are often more than a little surprised to see the President and/or COO of the company knocking on doors and following up with them in person.

This is done out of a sincere desire and commitment to ensure their complete satisfaction with the services we were paid to deliver.

In addition, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate by making our process cleaner, more efficient, and a better overall experience for our customers. We believe in our people, our product, and our process and invite everyone to reach out to us as a company or as individuals any time, and judge for themselves who they feel comfortable trusting with their upcoming projects and their hard-earned dollars.

In this day and age, as easy as it is for all of us to just google someone or some organization and get a whole laundry list of posts (regardless of whether they are false/factual or positive/ negative)…

I continue to feel strongly there is still room for a handshake, a fair and competitive proposal, and honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, and an informed consumer who still values:

  • REAL experiences
  • Told by REAL people
  • Who achieved REAL results

over made up ones by people with seemingly nothing better to do than try their hand at fiction?

After all is said and done, our entire body of work and 18,000+ satisfied customers all over the world have and will continue to be the best and most legitimate testament to the quality and integrity or our organization and the services we provide…and not some fake “customer” we never even did business with.

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