Commercial Pool Resurfacing

reduce maintenance and chemical costs with Commercial PooL Resurfacing

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So if you're ready to restore the beauty of your pool in a way that is easy to maintain, lowers your chemical consumption, and lets your visitors and guests know you run a quality operation, then give Fibre Tech a call.

Fibre Tech’s unique pool resurfacing technique will give your pool that much-needed facelift you’ve been dreaming of in just a matter of days.

Is your facility's swimming pool or hot tub scaring the guests away?

Let’s face it – No one wants to swim in or lay out by an ugly pool… especially your guests or visitors.

Whether your facility is a health club, a swimming club, an apartment building, or a resort hotel; a stained, patched swimming pool or hot tub speaks loudly to your patrons... and it definitely doesn't position you in a positive light.

We get it. Maintaining a commercial swimming pool is no small feat.

It takes staff, chemicals, and constant monitoring to ensure your pool stays clean, the water stays crystal clear, and the guests see it as inviting and a safe place for relaxation and comfort.

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Here’s what you can expect when you trust FibrE Tech With Your Commercial pool Resurfacing:

A Smoother and More Beautiful Pool

Say goodbye to rough pool walls, cracks on the floor, stains, and leaks.

Our fiberglass coating will give your pool a smooth, crystal white finish, so that your water is a beautiful, sparkling blue.

A Longer Lasting Surface 

We only use the best possible materials available to us, so that you’ll get the most possible value out of your investment.

Our special coating is designed to permanently adhere to concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, asphalt, or virtually any structurally-sound surface.

It comes with a 25-year guarantee, so that even decades from now, your pool will still look brand new.

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Very Little Downtime

The Fibre Tech coating can be fully applied to your commercial pool within a few days, so that you’ll experience as little downtime at your facility as possible.

Reduced Maintenance Efforts

Fibreglass pools are non-porous, thus requiring the least maintenance out of all pool surfaces. Algae cannot stick to the fiberglass, non-porous surface, which means your cleaning crew can throw away that wire brush and cut back on pool maintenance hours.

Greater Savings

In addition to saving money on professional cleaning services, you’ll spend less on chemicals than you ever have before. Fiberglass pools eliminate the constant battle of trying to keep your water balanced.

Other Services & Applications of Fibre Tech

In addition to offering exceptional pool resurfacing services, you can count on us for the following:

  • Building and Health Code Upgrades
  • Compliance Surveys
  • Permit Acquisition

Our team has successfully completed several projects in zoological settings, including creating and renovating otter and manatee tanks, koi ponds, and more.

We have also worked on tanks and containers that were made to hold hazardous materials.

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Commercial Hot tub Resurfacing

Nothing turns customers away faster than a gross or unappealing hot tub. A beautiful, fiberglass hot tub can be a key selling point for your hotel or gym. 

In addition to commercial pool resurfacing, Fibre Tech also specializes in commercial hot tub resurfacing. Our patented fiberglass resin provides a beautiful, smooth, sparkling white finish for hot tubs--guaranteed for 25 years. Because fiberglass is nonporous, it reduces chemical consumption and prevents algae from penetrating the surface, saving you money down the line. 

We travel nationwide to resurface commercial pools and hot tubs, and even resurfaced the New York Yankees' hot tub. When you hire Fibre Tech to tackle your commercial hot tub refinishing, you can rest assured that your hot tub will remain strong and beautiful for years to come. There's a reason we've been trusted in the industry since 1986. Request a free quote to experience the Fibre Tech difference for yourself.

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