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In-Ground Pool Resurfacing

Fiberglass Solutions to Concrete Problems

Time to Repair or Resurface a STAINED OR CRACKED Swimming Pool?

Marcite? Gunite? Pebble Tec?

They're all basically the same surface: Concrete. 

A typical concrete pool will only last 10 to 15 years before it needs pool resurfacing. 

And when concrete is filled with chemically-treated pool water (think chlorine, hydrochloric acid, algaecides, etc.), it's going to age, deteriorate, yellow, and eventually crack and leak.

Throw in vegetation like leaves, branches, and grass, and you have an instant recipe for permanent stains.

Shouldn't Your Pool Surface last more than 10 years?

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There are better solutions to your concrete problems.

Our six-step fiberglass pool resurfacing process has been proven on more than 25,000 swimming pools. It will restore your pool, so it looks new again.

And it is guaranteed to last 25 years.

With a crystal white finish, your pool water will be sparkling blue, and your chemical bill will be substantially reduced.

If your pool suffers from cracks, leaks, stains, or an overly abrasive surface, then let Fibre Tech restore your pool to a brilliant, smooth, and long-lasting surface.

Just say no to concrete swimming pools. Your local pool chemical supplier will think you've disappeared.

Pool Resurfacing Before and After

  • Before-Archibald
    Before Archibald After
  • Before-LaBella
    Before LaBella After
  • Before-Decorative Shape
    After-Decorative Shape
    Before Decorative Shape After

Over 25,000 pools and
35 years of Fiberglass pool resurfacing experience.

If you have an older pool suffering from leaks, cracks, stains, or "yellowy-looking water," Fibre Tech is the perfect solution.

Our unique 6-step fiberglass pool resurfacing process will outlast and outperform every other type of pool surface, and it's the only surface material with a 25-year warranty of material.

I have nothing but good things to say about this company. 

They patched and resurfaced our saltwater pool and now it looks like new!! I love the surface on the bottoms of my feet. It's smooth but not slippery. 

The installation took exactly as long as they said -5 days and they were very professional. I highly recommend them!!!

And you can't beat the 25-year warranty!!!

Sea D

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Resurfacing your swimming pool can be a massive expense. Don't make a poorly informed decision.

The 2024 Buyer's Guide to Swimming Pool Resurfacing helps you determine when it’s time to resurface your pool, what pool surface might be best for you, the pros and cons of different resurfacing options, and how much you might expect to spend.

Making a decision based on these insights can help you increase your pool’s lifespan by up to 12x.

On top of increasing your pool’s longevity, this guide will also reveal how you can:

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  • Decrease the maintenance required for upkeep,
  • Decrease your overall chemical usage, and
  • Decrease the lifetime cost of your pool.

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