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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about resurfacing your pool and the service we offer.

What is swimming pool resurfacing?

The interior walls and floor of a pool wear out over time. Rather than build a brand new pool, owners often choose to resurface their existing pool. Resurfacing restores the deteriorated surface and provides a new protective layer.

How often do I need to resurface my pool?

Typical concrete, marcite, or gunite pools may last up to 15 yearsYet, some may not last beyond 10 years because of other damaging elements like leaves, tree roots, overuse of chemicals, etc.

What are the signs that my pool needs to be resurfaced?

Peeling plaster, rough texture, stains, chalky residue, sudden drops in water level, and spider web cracks are all signs your swimming pool may need resurfacing.

Which pool resurfacing methods last longer?

Typical concrete, marcite, or gunite pools last 10 years to as much as 15 years. A fiberglass swimming pool can last 25 years or more. That’s almost twice as long as a typical concrete pool. 

How much does swimming pool resurfacing cost?

Using our unique Fibre Tech process, a pool measuring 16 x 32 feet with an average depth of 5 feet costs approximately $7,500 to resurface.

What is the easiest swimming pool surface to maintain?

A fiberglass swimming pool is easiest, because the smooth non-porous surface makes it difficult for algae to grow, meaning less chemicals and it resists corrosion.

How long will it take to resurface my pool?

Fibre Tech can resurface an average-sized residential swimming pool in 7 business days. Larger commercial pools can take 7 to 20 days. 

Will I have to replace my waterline tile?

Most likely not. We can save the existing tile by cutting a seal line beneath, taping it up so it’s protected before we begin the resurfacing process.

Can I choose the surface color?

No. Fibre Tech uses white because your pool is a reflection of the sky and the white surface makes your pool look a brilliant blue.

Does resurfacing my pool come with a warranty?

Yes. Our unique fiberglass surface comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

Which pool surface will add value to my home?

All swimming pools can add value to your home. The real question is: will a unique swimming pool surface increase the marketability of your home? Since fiberglass pools are low maintenance and last over 25 years, they will increase the sell-ability of your home.

Which swimming pool surface is more energy efficient and requires less chemical usage?

A fiberglass swimming pool.  Why? They need less maintenance and since the surface is smooth and nonporous, algae cannot grow, so fewer chemicals are required. 

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