Residential Pool Resurfacing

Your Swimming Pool Should be a Source of Pride and Relaxation

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There comes a point in every pool’s lifetime when repairs and remodeling can no longer be put off.

Depending upon the surface of your pool, that time may come sooner rather than later. 

Fibre Tech’s unique 6-step process and fiberglass coating outlasts and outperforms every other surface material on the market.

Embarrassed to invite friends over for a swim?

Concrete, in-ground pools can quickly yellow and be littered with permanent stains. You don't want people to look at your pool and think it should be stocked with fish. 

Plaster begins to flake or peel, cracks begin to creep along the floor, stains color the surface, and the floor & walls become rough to the touch.

If you’ve noticed some of these signs of wear and tear around your pool, or if you're just plain embarrassed for people to see it, it’s probably time for residential pool resurfacing.

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get that feeling back with the longest-lasting, STAIN-PROOF, Residential pool Resurfacing

Give Your Pool a Fresh New Look That Lasts For the Next 25 Years

Yes, you read that headline correctly. And no, it isn’t too good to be true.

Our resurfacing process is the number one choice in the industry for a reason.

Most swimming pool surfaces last 5-12 years, and maintaining them is no small feat. Our unique fiberglass coating gives your pool a sparkling white finish and crystal clear, blue water – and it’s warranted for the next 25 years.

Plus, thanks to the super smooth surface, your kids can also say goodbye to snagged swimsuits and scraped knees.

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Spend Less Time and Money on Maintenance Than Ever Before

If you’re a homeowner with a pool, then you know that a little “fun in the sun” doesn’t come without the cost of the additional dollars and hours it takes to maintain a pool long-term. 

What was supposed to be your relaxing escape has quickly turned into a source of stress, as surface cracks and stains seem almost inevitable without the utmost care. And it only takes one glance out of the window at that chipped and dingy surface to be reminded of this. 

Once FibreTech transforms your pool, you’ll finally spend more time swimming in it than you do taking care of it. Thanks to our unique fiberglass coating, you’ll notice a significant decrease in heat loss and algae build-up. You spend far less on cleaning services and chemicals than you would with a concrete pool, so you save more money in the long run.

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Choose the Most Trusted Residential Pool Resurfacing Company

In our 35+ years of experience, we’ve worked on pools of every size, shape, and material.

We’ve resurfaced over 25,000 pools with our special process, and we’re ready to transform yours. (You could say we were “mermaid” for each other.)

Turn to us to make your pool last longer and look more beautiful.

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