Swimming Pool Resurfacing Can Be a Dream Come True

Turning Your Dingy Pool Into Your Crystal Clear Oasis

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We specialize in pool resurfacing that transforms dirty, stained, or cracked pool surfaces into smooth, sparkling, fiberglass masterpieces. 

No more snagged swimsuits or scraped knees on rough concrete surfacing. Hiring Fibre Tech to resurface your pool gives you your life back and a beautiful pool that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Longing for the days when you could relax by your backyard swimming pool and see sky blue, crystal clear water?

You remember that pool? The one without any cracks, leaks, or stains?

With Fibre Tech swimming pool resurfacing, you get those days back and can enjoy them for the next 25 or more years... and with much less pool maintenance and lower chemical bills. 

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Watch the Fibre Tech Process in Action

The advantages of fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing are endless, and with Fibre Tech’s 6-step process installed, it’s also guaranteed to last for at least 25 years. 

But what’s so special about our process and how does it work? 

Let’s break it down.

Our Unique Six-Step Application Process

Fibre Tech Process

Step One: Pool Preparation

We prepare the pool by grinding and smoothing the surface to remove contaminants.

Step Two: FibreLock Kote (FLK)

After preparing the surface, we apply Fiber Lock Kote. Fiber Lock Kote is a unique product developed by Fibre Tech® to create the strongest cohesive bond possible.

Step Three: Resin Application

Next, we carefully apply the first coat of the Fibre Tech® resin.

Step Four: Fiberglass Mat

Then, we hand-lay a layer of Owens Corning Fiberglass while the first resin coat is still damp.

Step Five: Smoothing the Surface

The surface is gently sanded for the last time, and another layer of resin is applied.

Step Six: Finishing Coat

We coat the pool for the last time with our Fibre Tech® resin, filling the abrasion caused during step five. This coat gives our product an unparalleled sheen and smoothness.

There’s a reason why over 25,000 pool owners have trusted us in the past 35 years. After we complete these six steps, you’ll be good to go for decades. Get started on remodeling your dream pool by requesting a quote from us today!