industrial resurfacing projects

In addition to resurfacing swimming pools, fountains and other water-based facilities, Fibre Tech can be utilized for a number of industrial applications.

Because our technicians have the ability to custom-mix fiberglass resins, we can utilize the Fibre Tech coating process on tanks and containers designed to hold virtually any type of hazardous liquids, including highly acidic solutions.

We can custom formulate resins designed to resurface tanks and containers for chemical processing plants, laboratories or any type of facility that handles hazardous liquids. From a small chemical tank to a hazardous materials storage building, Fibre Tech provides a corrosion-resistant, impermeable surface. Our coatings will withstand pH ranges from 0 to 13 – and can be formulated to handle virtually any industrial coatings job from the most simple to the most complex.

If you would like more information about the industrial applications of Fibre Tech, please feel free to contact us.