value of pool resurfacingAt first glance, you may think that Fibre Tech pool resurfacing is more expensive than other options. That’s a major misconception. The fact is that your one-time investment in a Fibre Tech surface will pay for itself in reduced pool maintenance and chemical costs – plus you will never have to resurface your pool again for at least 25 years.

When you consider the fact that some concrete pools need resurfacing again after only two years, it’s easy to see that you can save tens of thousands of dollars over the years with Fibre Tech’s 25-year limited warranty. In addition, options like vinyl, aggregate and paint have warranties of 10 years or much less – with no warranty at all in some cases.

The bottom line is that Fibre Tech is your long-term solution.

No more re-surfacing, acid washing, wire brushing or any other costly and bothersome procedures for at least 25 years! In the long run, Fibre Tech will save you more money than any other resurfacing method on the market.

If you are considering resurfacing your pool, go with the best – preserve your pool with Fibre Tech. If you would like to learn more about Fibre Tech, simply fill out and submit our convenient form to request more information.