Cost Overview of Commonly Used Resurfacing Methods

April 6, 2020

You have choices when it comes to commonly used resurfacing methods. Our choice mainly factors in appearance, comfort, ease, and let’s not forget the most important… PRICE!

Fiberglass has always been the leader in appearance, comfort, and ease but we all know that many have the idea that fiberglass is more expensive than its competitors. This is true when it comes to initial cost, BUT fiberglass can save you money in the long run just through the length of its life and less chemical usage.  

We have broken down and compared commonly used resurfacing methods and their costs over 25 years. We’ve chosen this number for comparison because this is how long our product should last if maintained properly, and how long we offer our warranty for.

For Comparison, a 1000 sq ft pool measuring 16x32ft with an avg 5ft depth was used.

*Individual Results May Vary*

Total Cost of Ownership Over 25 Years

Fibre Tech= $17,689.12
Marcite/Plaster=$25,464.50 Vinyl Liner= $17,720.02
Lasts 25 Years Lasts 10 Years Lasts 7 Years
Times Resurfaced- 1 Times Resurfaced- 2.5 Times Resurfaced-3.57
$7,500 Spent Resurfacing $12,500 Spent Refinishing $7,140 Spent Replacing
19,000 G of Water Used 47,000 G of Water Used 67,000 G of Water Used
$10,000 Spent on Chemicals $12,500 Spent on Chemicals* $10,000 Spent on Chemicals*

Cost Overview of Fibre Tech

TOTAL: $17,689.12 Cost Calculations Total Cost
Lifespan- 25 Years 1,000 SqFt. X $7.5 = $7,500 for work 1 Coat = $7,500
Water Disposed 19,000 G Water = $0.0098/G Water = $189.12
Chemical Cost- $400/Year $400/Year x 25 Years $10,000
    TOTAL: $17,689.12
Disclaimer: Results may vary based on job size, necessary work needed to be done, and price changes.

Cost Overview of Marcite/Plaster/Exposed Aggregate

TOTAL: $25,646.50 Cost Calculations Total Cost
Lifespan- 10 Years 1,000 SqFt x $5 = $5,000 for Work 2.5 Coats = $12,500
Water Disposed 19,000 G Water = 19,000 x 2.5 47,500 x $0.0098/G Water = $465.50
Chemical Cost- $500/Year* $500/Year x 25 Years* Chemical Cost = $12,500*
    TOTAL: $25,646.50

Cost Overview of Vinyl Liner

Initial Cost Cost Calculations Total Cost
Lifespan- 7 Years $2,000 to Purchase and Install 16ft x 32ft Liner 3.57 Liners = $7,142.85  
Water Disposed 19,000 G Water = 19,000 x 3.57 67,830 x $0.0098/G Water = $664.73
Chemical Cost- $400/ Year* $400/Year x 25 Years* Chemical Cost = $10,000
    TOTAL: $17,804.73

Straight line depreciation was used to calculate the remainder of the resurfacing cost to equalize all methods to a 25-year period.

*Chemical costs were calculated using the average annual cost of pool chemical usage. The cost of acid washing and wire brushing were added for porous surfaces. In a porous surface, this can be part of maintenance.

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