When you compare Fibre Tech to any other swimming pool resurfacing method you’ll quickly learn why we are the number one choice of industry experts – as well as residential and commercial pool owners worldwide. Simply put, no other method or product can match Fibre Tech for quality, reliability, longevity and overall performance. This unique pool refinishing process is so much stronger than conventional surfaces that it can last for 30 years or more. It won’t crack like concrete, wrinkle or tear like vinyl liners or rust and leak like steel walls.

That’s why we are the pool surfacer of choice for homeowners, and commercial pool projects like hotel chains, condominiums, universities, government facilities, water parks and many other facilities across the United States and abroad. And it’s also why Fibre Tech is the industry leader in customer satisfaction.

The following comparisons are based upon extensive research as well as the results of tests conducted by Fibre Tech.

Surface Type Fibre Tech Marcite Exposed Aggregate Vinyl Liner Painted Surfaces
Warranty 25-year limited warranty is unsurpassed in the industry. Contractor offers up to 1-year warranty, if any, which applies only to workmanship. 5-year warranty. 1 - 10 year warranty, prorated. Owner may apply, but often offers no warranty.
Attractiveness Remains perpetually smooth and sparkling white. Unsightly when stained or deteriorated. Has rough texture and becomes extremely abrasive over time. Fine when new. Fine when new, but may peel or blister in as little as three months.
Algae Resistance Non-porous surface prevents algae from adhering. Algae adheres to the naturally porous surface. Porous surface gives algae a natural habitat. Although somewhat resistant, algae accumulates in seams. More resistant than marcite and aggregate.
Stains and Blemishes Exceptional resistance to stains with an easy-to-clean surface. Little resistance to stains and blemishes, even if surface has been applied recently. Extremely low tolerance for any stain, even when new. Stains easily and subject to fading Higher resistance to stains than marcite and aggregate, but blemishes eventually appear.
Chemical Usage Appreciable reduction in pool chemicals utilized. Large amounts of chemicals required. Large amounts of chemicals required. Less chemicals needed than marcite and aggregate. Less chemicals needed than marcite and aggregate.

Fibre Tech is the best process in the world designed to eliminate costly pool surface problems. If you would like to learn more about how we can transform your pool, simply fill out and submit our convenient form to request more information.