Commercial Pool Repair Secrets

June 15, 2020

Hotels, gyms, water parks, and other commercial pool facilities depend on Fibre Tech. Your visitors do not want to see poor water quality, cracks in the perimeter, or a peeling liner when they come to your facility for a swim. We truly want to help you keep your pool surface in top condition for as long as possible.

Your fiberglass pool surface should hold up well for 10-15 years. But just as any investment will age and deteriorate over time, you will eventually have to do some extensive commercial pool repair and remodeling due to heavy wear and tear and the high levels of chlorine found in typical a commercial pool.

If you are frustrated with short-term “fixes” that crop up season after season, or if you are confused about what regular maintenance can help you avoid those fixes, keep reading.

The Official Fibre Tech List of 7 Commercial Pool Repair Secrets

Secret #1

You already know that commercial pools with high traffic need to be vacuumed daily to remove leaves and other debris from the floor. Be sure your team is using a commercial pool vacuum attached to a telescoping pole if you are doing this manually.

Better yet, you can get a commercial robotic cleaner to automate pool cleaning. A robotic cleaner can be programmed to “learn” the pool’s layout. Think of it as an underwater Roomba! Let the robots do the hard work.

Secret #2

Tired of buying, storing, and manually adding chlorine?

Consider sanitizing your commercial pool with a salt chlorine generator which adds salt to the pool water to create chlorine. These systems consist of a power supply and multiple cells to produce enough chlorine for a commercial pool.

Commercial salt chlorine generators can produce from 4 to 32 lbs. of chlorine daily, plus they also create chlorine without “chloramines” (which cause that unpleasant bleach smell).

Secret #3

Don’t neglect the pump and filter! This is the heart and soul of your commercial pool and without them, the water won’t properly circulate.

We can’t begin to tell you how many potential health issues that can raise … So, clean out the pump strainer, replace seals and gaskets as needed, and make sure the gallons per minute are calibrated correctly (you can do this with a flowmeter).

Secret #4

Be vigilant! Look for leaks everywhere.

One that is often missed is on the backwash line coming from the multi-port valve. The “spray out” that is occurring means not all the water is making it through the filter.

When the spring and rubber seal are shot, and you need to replace the whole multi-port, do not just replace the seal! You must replace the whole thing.  

Secret #5

No matter which type of filter you are using on your commercial pool, properly maintaining the filter and media are critical.

Remember, if your filter is compromised, so is your water. Keep an eye on worn or broken filter parts and replace gaskets, gauges, and valves to avoid headaches down the road.

If you are using a diatomaceous earth filter, for example, inspect D.E. grids and cartridges. They should not allow debris and D.E. powder to escape. Sand filters should be backwashed, and the sand checked for channeling.

Secret #6

Are you making minor concrete repairs to a handrail pad, ladder pad, or guard chair? Think carefully about how the anchors will be bonded.

Use anchor cups that will allow you to fully secure the ladder via the anchor wedges, and don’t install the ladders without waiting a full three weeks after pouring the pads; the stress to uncured concrete could cause premature failure.

Ladders and handrail repairs? Masonry takes experience to get right.

Secret #7

Maintaining “balanced” water is an art and a science. And it’s one of our most critical commercial pool repair secrets, because pools that get a lot of traffic have constantly changing chemical needs.

A top-notch chemical automation system will help you keep pH, ORP, and sanitizer levels automatically balanced and take the guesswork out of your job. Some systems even let you monitor readings remotely via an Internet connection. Don’t skimp on pool water testing kits!

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