There are a great many benefits that you will enjoy when you resurface your swimming pool with Fibre Tech – including the fact that our unique pool refinishing process is a long-term solution to cracks, leaks, costly pool maintenance fees and appearance problems. Another important benefit is that your newly renovated pool will immediately increase the image and value of your property – turning an ugly problem into a beautiful solution that will bring countless hours of enjoyment to you and your family.

In addition, Fibre Tech will create a consistently smooth and brilliant non-porous fiberglass lining that reduces chemical usage and drastically shortens maintenance hours – while also eliminating acid washing, wire brushing, painting, re-marciting and re-plastering for good. And with an incredible 25-year limited warranty, Fibre Tech outlasts and outperforms all other resurfacing methods including re-marciting, vinyl lining and painting. It’s all part of our company’s most important goal, which is to provide absolute customer satisfaction.

Details about the many benefits provided by Fibre Tech include the following:

Cracks & Leaks

pool surfacing benefitsFibre Tech is an exceptionally effective measure in combating cracks and leaks. Because the surface is a strong structural waterproof barrier, it prevents or covers unsightly surface cracks and reduces water loss from leaks. As a result, less chemicals and water need to be replaced – saving you significant money.

Beautiful Appearance

The Fibre Tech process results in a beautiful, sparkling white appearance. Our unique surface permanently eliminates your pool’s faded, lackluster look – and instantly upgrades the image of your property. No more frustrating, embarrassing signs of an old, worn out pool.

Reduced Chemical Costs

Fibre Tech has been proven to reduce swimming pool chemical costs by as much as 30%. For more details, please contact us.

Reduced Heating Loss

Fibre Tech can reduce swimming pool heating loss by as much as 10%. Because our unique coating prevents heat loss through absorption into the surface walls, the water is kept warmer – and your swimming season lasts longer.

Algae & Stain Resistant

The Fibre Tech surface is highly resistant to algae and stains. Because the surface is smooth and non-porous, there is nowhere for algae to grip or for stains to penetrate. Our easy-to-clean surface virtually eliminates the need for wire brushing and scrubbing.

Non-Abrasive Surface

The Fibre Tech process creates a smooth, non-abrasive surface. Our coating is literally as smooth as a kitchen countertop, which means fewer skinned elbows, scraped knees or snagged swimwear – and that makes swimmers very happy!

25-Year limited Warranty

Our warranty is the absolute best in the business – providing a guarantee on Fibre Tech materials for 25 years from the date of application.* See warranty for complete details

Fast, Professional Service

The Fibre Tech process is extremely quick in that our unique coating cures within approximately four hours – which means very little downtime for your pool. In addition, our crews are professionally trained and highly experienced – ensuring that the job is done right every time.

Fibre Tech is the best process in the world designed to eliminate costly pool surface problems. If you would like to learn more about how we can transform your pool, simply fill out and submit our convenient form to request more information.