Where Is The World's Largest Swimming Pool?

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Where Is The World's Largest Swimming Pool?

7/15/2016 11:08:00 AM

We're big fans of great swimming pools, but a true man-made world wonder opened ten years ago at the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile.

While the average swimming pool covers around 600 square feet, this particular behemoth (billed by the resort as "The World's Largest Swimming Pool") is 3,324 feet long — that’s 3/5 of a mile. Swimmers have 20 acres to splash around in. In other words, it could fit 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools within it.

Worlds Largest Swimming Pool

It takes a satellite to photograph the entire pool ...

Though it requires the upkeep of a pool, demanding some $4million in maintenance each year, it’s so incredibly massive that it qualifies as a lagoon. True to its epic stature, the construction of the pool cost more than $1 billion, took five years to complete, and required 66 million gallons of water to fill. With depths reaching 115 feet, it’s one of the deepest pools, and is open for boating as well as swimming.


Also noteworthy is its use of a computer-controlled suction and filtration system. This system directly takes in ocean water, pumping it out of the other side, while allowing the sun to warm it up to comfortable 78.8* F (26* C), a temperature that’s not quite ten degrees warmer than the ocean itself.


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Other Record-Breaking Swimming Pools


  • Although the following pools don’t cover the world’s largest area, they still break records in their own right. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the world’s longest rooftop infinity pool.  Perched 57 stories above the city, it offers up a view that always amazes. Swim, sunbathe, or sip champagne at this hotel guests-only attraction.


  • Four-star hotel, Hotel Terme Millepini, in Montegrotto Terme, Padua, Italy boasts 100 rooms--and the world’s deepest pool. Checking in at a depth of 130 feet, the pool, nicknamed "The Deep Joy,” is a favorite with scuba divers. That’s no surprise, for there are underwater caves and tunnels to explore, and even a tunnel that allows non-swimmers a chance to see how deep it really is, without having to get wet. Platforms appear at a range of depths, until the pool walls begin to narrow, and it reaches down, funneling to its maximum depth. With comfortable warm water, no wetsuit is required.


  • For the world’s largest circular pool, you need only travel to the Resort at Pelican Hill. At roughly 136 feet in diameter, the Coliseum is a massive pool that’s lined along the bottom with one million hand-set glass mosaic tiles. Keeping true to its namesake, columns and arches line the pool, creating a serene and picturesque view.


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While the average swimming pool weighs in at over 600 square feet, this one is 3/5 of a mile long, and almost twenty acres! To put that into perspective: it could fit twenty Olympic sized swimming pools.